Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Few Fun Weekends in July

July has already been a busy month, but a fun one at that. I had the luck of being off for the entire 4th of July weekend which is just what I needed. After coming off an overtime week and busy wrapping up my research class I had a short mini visit to triage for some Braxton hicks contractions. Everything was just fine, I was monitored for a a bit, they ran a few tests and I was on my way. I wasn't too scared just slightly worried because I did not want to have to start any sort of bed rest. So the time off of work was just what the doctor ordered. I rested  a lot, celebrated a friends 30th birthday party, checked some things off our nursery list, had a very small cookout and enjoyed some yummy smores. 

Back at work last week was busy and with the stress of submitting my final research paper my braxton hicks started back in...I am not a fan of them. They are not painful, but they are a reminder that I need to slow down and I do not like that. One of the biggest challenges of being pregnant for me has been the loss of control I feel over my own body. I like to be able to what I want and go go go, but being pregnant has changed that. I  know have to take rest breaks, put my feet up and not be on my feet so much. It is slightly irritating for me, but I am coping. It is hard when you have been control of your own body for your entire life and then bam this little baby has taken that...I guess this is the start of our baby doing that the rest of our lives :) When I take my rest breaks, I enjoy just feelin the baby move, kick and form my belly into an odd looking shapes. It makes it all worth it. I am 29 weeks....we are in the home stretch and I am getting excited. I am ready to meet this little person and learn all about it. We have ordered our crib and changing table. We also purchased a rocker recliner for the nursery as well. I am hoping since I am off school until the fall, this "nesting" phenomenon will kick in! I am sure it will especially after my showers! So there is a mini update, I will be posting pictures when we get crib and changing table in and put together!

On a side note...My brother Tim and sister in law Shonda are expecting their 3rd boy any day now...I am so excited to meet this little new nephew and hopefully our baby's best cousin friend since they will be so close in age! I will keep everything posted! So exciting!!!

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