Saturday, July 30, 2011

32 weeks....Holy...

Crapola! 8 months pregnant?! I had a hard time imagining I would ever get to this point, now that I have I laugh at what I thought it would be like vs what it actually is like! I thought I would have this BIG beautiful preggo belly, thought it would look like I shoved a basketball up my shirt (maybe I did that when I was younger, I dont know just sayin) , thought I would have this pregnant glow that so many women I know had, thought my nursery would done, everything neatly in its place, clothes washed, pictures hung, car seat installed... now all I can say to that is HA! My basketball belly is more like a tiny little belly that sits more out to the sides then out front, depending on what shirt I am wearing, sometimes I still am not looking all that pregnant. I'm not comlaining, just stating the truth vs reality. My nursery has dropcloths over the furniture because we are still working on painting, all the things from my shower our shoved in a closet, nothing has been washed, I have no idea what I am going to hang on the walls and you know what I am still smiling. All of that is in the process of getting done, so I am not anxious about any of that. I am definatley " feeling more pregnant" ie harder to breathe, bend over, my back hurts, sleeping is not fun etc...but overall I feel great...I feel like I am just moving right along...Love feeling every kick, punch, hiccup, tumble and/or whatever else that little alien is doing in there! Im waiting on some pics from dad and will post a belly shot soon as well as a post from my shower in Columbus!

The only semi-negative thing on brain right now is the baby's position. At my OB appointment, they can't tell where the baby's head is. They think they can feel the butt/back but don't know if baby is head down or laying transverse or across my abdomen. This might explain why my bump is much wider then out...I am feeling movement all across my abdomen and not too much down low. So they are going to give me another 2 weeks, try and see if they can feel the head at my next apt, if not then do a quick ultra sound and see what is going on. If baby is head down GREAT, if not, we have to talk about options, but I am not going there yet... In the meantime between the girls at work and my ever important google research here is what I am doing to get baby to be head down...
- Girls at work our talking to the baby
- Mark is talking more to baby
- Shining a flashlight on my lower abdomen( I guess they migrate towards the light)
- Putting earphones or music down there.
- Tilting my pelvis a certain way
- Taking a megaphone and talking to the baby down there :) (kidding)
Any other helpful hints? Really praying this baby is not breech or transverse! Come on baby Franklin!!!


  1. downward dog position! i swear that is how i got baby h flipped from breech!

  2. 8 months. Holy crapola is right. The fun is just about to start. All the busy crap will get done, or it will not. Who cares? But that baby will show up one way or the other and the world will just totally change. Love you friend. Can't wait to take your newborn pics.

  3. Chiropractor that is certified in the Webster technique. Insurance will even cover it if baby is found to be breech. Has worked for two girls I know. One of them being Lacy from work. Hope that helps, but I really hope you won't need any of these suggestions. :)