Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Survived

Well...we made it!!! We survived our ultra was wonderful! I loved seeing baby oh my how it has grown since last time. Mark was in shock about how different it looked from our 10 week one. I must start out by saying that I planned on waking up early showering and getting ready for our big day...well I overslept, my hair was slightly wet, I manage to put some cover up on my every increasing acne since pregnancy and get out the door to only be 5 minutes late to the appointment. I was rushed and anxious and not how I wanted to start the day. Then we got a different ultra sound tech then last time, this was ok...she was nice, but  not overly friendly and as Mark put it " She was all about her J O B!" So I felt like she was kind of rushing through things and semi insensitive to the fact that we were unsure about wanting to find out or not. I explained I was a NICU nurse and I wanted her to slow down and explain everything she was doing...she did, but I wasn't impressed. I guess I need to get over that because our baby is HEALTHY! 10 fingers, 10 toes, 4 chamber heart, closed spinal cord, closed abdominal wall, no cleft lip and intact brain. How amazing is that?! Thank God for a healthy baby. We eventually decided we did not want to find the sex, the tech assured those downstairs parts looked normal and that was good enough for us. So we are still Team Green. We did get a look at the genitals but we had no idea what we were looking at, I really couldn't tell...DANG! haha! SO it is over, we have a healthy baby, and we survived the temptation. Loved watching Mark through all of this, he was so sweet, just looking in amazement...He is going to be such a good dad! So now it is time to move on to the next step, which I don't even know what that is, but Im working on figuring that out. Thanks for listening to my anxieties over the past 2 days! I can't believe I am really pregnant....lets get this show on the road!!!

Baby's Face, hand up by the mouth (that is not it's penis mom!) Two eyes and an adorable Bajorek Polish Nose

Non 3-D, profile, sticking it's gorilla lips out (thanks Franklin's) curled in a ball, can see the spine!


  1. Love it. But who says its a he?? (Even though I think it is)