Monday, April 4, 2011

15 Week Appointment

I had my 15 week appointment last Friday...everything went well. I met with another OBGYN in the practice and that was something different for me. I don't do well with change...haha. The biggest change is that she is a woman and my usual doctor is a male...such a difference! Females are so much more sensitive and willing to caught me off guard! Im used to my male in and out...answers my questions matter of fact and tells me to just fricken relax (pretty much sums it up!) It was a nice change of pace, but will be looking forward to my regular OB next time. Appointment was pretty boring, weight check, vitals, pee on your hand in a cup  and listen to the heartbeat...which is always exciting...except for the fact that 2 days prior my friend and I at work snuck down to triage and asked to borrow their doppler. We preceded to doppler each other...with not much success...had to call another nurse who knew what she was doing and then finally we found them...ahhh beautiful little heartbeats. Such a fun experience! Here is a little synopsis of week 15...sorry no pictures yet, we are just not into taking them, maybe this week!

How far along: 15
Total weight gain/loss: + 4lbs
Maternity clothes: umm night time extremely bloated. Have worn them, but mainly just unbutton top button.
Stretch marks?: No...covering my body in Mamma Bee's oil lotion every night.
Sleep: Pretty good...could be worse!

Best moment this week: Triage heartbeat fiasco...haha!
Movement:  Not yet, swore I felt something about a week ago, but probably too early
Food cravings: Still orange juice and any kinda of fruit...heaven!
Gender: Still planning on not finding out. Im still convinced it is a girl.

What I miss: Wine (is that bad?) Being able to stay up late without being miserable, energy
Milestones: Nothing yet I think... Baby is the size of an orange!


  1. BABY BABY BABY> WHAT JOY!!!!!!!!!!! Man I love babies. I am so excited for your little princess

  2. triage fiasco? i think not. the only fiasco was that i was HUGE and you still had your abs.