Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Trimester Recap

Since I was in no mood to journal during my first trimester I decided to write a mini recap so at least I will have something to look back on (does this make me a bad mother already?!)

January 9...First positive pregnancy test...5:30 am before I went to work. I have no idea what made me decide to take one, but I did and it was positive. I turned the light on at 5:30 and said "Welp, I am pregnant" Mark answered slightly annoyed " Really, let me see" He was not convinced it was a positive test ( It had lines not the digital) He claimed he had to see the word pregnant to believe it. So off to work I went, stopping by Kroger, buying 4 more pregnancy tests. I went to work and used two of them...The word pregnant popped up... (insert smiley face here!!) I text Mark a picture of the test and it wasn't until I got home that night did he actually start believing it, as I peed on every pregnancy test I could get my hands on. What a wonderful memory I have of this evening...We were thrilled.

January 11...Called my OBGYN....long story short I had an early loss in November so  I was slightly worried that maybe something else besides pregnancy. When I talked to my OB he informed it was possible I could be pregnant already and wanted me to come in and have my beta levels drawn to see what was going on. So in I went for blood work, told the lab at my work it was STAT and within an hour I got the results...289= pregnant. I wanted to scream. The real test is if the the beta levels double within 48 hrs, that means that things are progressing normally. My beta levels with my miscarriage were never over 100, anything less then 5 means you are not pregnant, but the doubling is what they look for..

January 15...Saturday, we were headed to Cincinnati for my nephew Evan's birthday party, I knew I had to get to the lab and get my results so I could rest assured (I am nuts, I know) So Mark took me early in the am and once again I put a STAT order on the results. A couple hours later I was staring a 723...more then doubled...we were headed in the right direction. I can't explain the relief I felt, knowing that it was a pregnancy and not something from my to Cincy we went and decided to just tell my family...we wanted to tell face to face and we wanted everyone to be able to be happy with us. My family was such a support during the rough time in November, we just wanted to be happy. Our family was thrilled to say the least! The next step with the OBGYN was to come in an early ultra sound to confirm everything...

January 27...First appointment at 6 weeks...I was so anxious for this,  I was convinced something would be wrong....Mark wanted to shoot me I was so nervous. So we go in the appointment and I am shaking. He starts to do the ultra sound...confirms the pregnancy and says if I would hold still we should be able to see the heart beat...Mark had to hold my legs still...HOT I know...and there it was a tiny circle, with a fast flicker...our babies heart of the most amazing moments in our relationship.

January 27- February 28th: weeks 6 through 10...lots of sleeping, lots of anxiety, lots of nausea, a little vomiting, a lot of terrible tastes in my mouth, a lot of sleeping, a lot of just feeling like crap. My worst time was in the evening, about 5pm on, I was done..just wanted to go to bed..was nausea and had terrible metal mouth...blah! I survived, it could have been worse I know, but not fun at any point!

February 28th- 10 week appointment, first "official appointment". We got to hear the heartbeat at this appointment. At first he just wanted to Doppler me, but I demanded another ultra sound...I'm crazy I told you. So we got to see baby, how different it looked from 6 weeks, see and hear the heartbeat...overall an awesome appointment. I did not cry...which was so surprising to me, I just sat and looked...Mark was so excited! Got my blood work, everything checked out fine.

Feb 28 through March 15- weeks 10-12...pretty boring, lots of sleep, lots of night time bloating, lots of bad tastes in my mouth.

March 15- We opted to do the First Trimester screening for down syndrome and other birth defects...blood work and an ultra sound. I went by myself, thinking this would be no big deal, Mark wouldn't miss much. Boy was I wrong...this is when I officially fell in love. I was told to drink a little caffeine or sugar before going in to help make the baby move, after chugging 16 ounces of orange juice, baby was doing circles...sorry baby. It was moving around, staring right at us, heart beating..all I know is that is was amaazing. I can't explain it...this is when I first cried and thought "I love you" ...I wish Mark would have been there!!

That pretty much sums up the first trimester. It was a lot of doctor's appointments, a lot of anxiety and a lot of orange juice! I survived and now onto the 2nd trimester...which I have heard it fabulous!


  1. What a cute little boy! HAHAHAHA!!!

  2. I want to tell you in person but, I NEVER see you :( CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!


  3. I love my little pregnant Becca! I can't wait for you to unload a bunch of Maurer baby crap!

  4. I have tears in my eyes reading this!!! So So happy for you and Mark and baby Franklin :)