Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ball State Golf Outing

Last weekend was the annual Ball State Women's Golf Outing. This weekend brings back so many memories. As a player, it was always the first weekend before school so we were so excited to be back in town! We had to work the event, meeting with fans and usually our families were there too. I loved being there, promoting our team and season. Since I have graduated it is important to support the team and also my friend Kelsey who is a coach there now. Now, I don't golf...I didn't even bring clubs...but I went... and it was a blast! Being with my old teammates, surrounded by something I still love was very refreshing. I also got to meet the new players and get to know them a bit...It flooded me with emotion, longing, excitement, friendship, competitiveness...and so on! Here are a few pictures from the weekend...GO CARDS!!!

Kelsey, Me and Tina...My Best Friends!
Audrey and I

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