Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Nice Sunday Drive

We spent the weekend in Cincinnati to help celebrate my adorable nephew Alex's 3rd birthday. ( I'm sure I will be posting some pics soon). We had a great time with family. Matt and Lauren made the trip with Lilly and Diana and my parents were there. Talk about kid central, it was fun being all together but whoa was it chaos and loud. Sunday morning on our trip back home, we just sat in the car and didn't turn the radio on. We sat in silence and enjoyed it. (Maybe a sign we aren't ready for kids?!?!) I have always heard that men talk better in the car because they don't have to make eye contact and can just talk...I think I proved this theory true this morning. As we sat in the silence, Mark and I just started talking about everything under the sun. We talked about things going on currently in our life, the past and mainly about the future. It was fun to talk about our hopes and dreams. We each answered the question on what we wanted our life to be like in 3 years and in 5 years. What we wanted for our marriage, our personal family, our extended family, our house, our money, our cars, our plan. It made me smile to hear what he wanted and thought was important and I could care less about, vice versa. It was just fun to dream. It was fun to think about all the life we still have ahead of us. To talk about our "perfect situation" (even though I know there is no perfect and it won't go as planned) We have a lot of dreams, plans and coincidentally a lot of work ahead of us. The best part was really being in the moment and realizing there is no one else I would rather be sitting with, talking about this with or sharing my life with then Mark. Everything will be ok as long as he is by my side. Cheezy, but true. I decided to write down all we talked about in my own personal journal so we can look back on it one day. Here's to dreaming and more importantly LIVING!

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