Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is all around...

Happy Valentine's Day! As I reflect on the meaning of this Hallmark Holiday it just reminds me of the constant feeling of love Mark and I are surrounded by. How blessed are we to be surrounded by family and friends who show acts of love on a daily basis. How lucky are we to be in a loving marriage. We had a busy weekend, but all I feel is love this Sunday night...For example

1. We got to go out for sushi Friday night with another couple...Sushi is one of my favorites
2. Saturday morning I got to bake some yummy treats for our guests.
3. I got to babysit my nephews Saturday afternoon, it was mainly during their nap time, but Evan the youngest is teething so he kept waking up, so I got to hold him for 2hours and watch him sleep.
4. Alex and Evan, my nephews bring me so much joy, how grateful I am my brother and sister in law (Tim and Shonda) let them be apart of my life so much
5. Speaking of Tim and Shonda, we always have such a good time together and we get along so well. There is nothing like your big brother still wanting to take care of you!
6. My other brother Matt and Lauren has their twins this week, my entire family was able to come and visit this weekend
7. I got to see my sister and talk about her wedding plans
8. We had a game night last night, Marks brother Dave and wife, Heather came over. We stayed up late playing games and drinking wine...we broke out in tears because we were laughing so hard at least 5 times
9. Mark and I got to lounge around most of the day today, we took a nap together on the couch=heaven!
10. Mark had my favorite polish food for dinner tonight...he is so thoughtful

How can you not feel the love after all of those things...Being surrounded by love couldn't have come at a more perfect time...Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you feel the love around you!

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