Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Stalking

As many of you are learning, I am a blog stalker! It is my new favorite thing to is amazing to me how much "stuff" is out there and how many ideas I get from other people. It just reminds me how measly my blog is! I put up some recipe and crafting blogs that I check on a regular basis, they are on the right side of my blog! Hope you enjoy them as much as me and let me know what your favorite ones are too!


  1. Hi Becca! This is a cool blog:
    and I also love

  2. Becca - you are my personal blog stalker. You tell me were to go and I head off in that direction. Thanks

  3. thanks for posting all of these and the recipe for the salad :)

  4. i am total stalker too! but i just look at people's i know.. but you are good about finding ones with recipes, crafts, etc...i need to try that more!