Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Five Senses

Here are a few things tickling my five sense recently...

Look: I have been looking at new houses. I am on a moving I want to move ASAP. Mark says within the year, I say within the next 2 weeks..haha! Im just over our neighborhood and people not taking care of their property. We will see who wins this battle (probably Mark)

Listen: I have been making fun of Mark for buying and learning every word to the new Zac Brown Band CD, but I have to is a really good CD. I went ahead and purchased it and have been jamming out in my car.

Check out this one!

Feel: With this heat wave and feeling so hot and muggy,  I have been dreaming of Fall, my favorite season. I have seen some fall decor. ON my list already is a cable knit throw for the bedrooms. These just look like they feel so warm and cozy.

Also, my skin has been drawn to my attention. I hardly ever wash my face outside of the shower because I never have had issues, but I'm starting to notice some fine lines and a few more zits. BOO! So I saved some money and used a coupon and store credit to purchase the clarisonic Mia cleaning tool. I must admit it is making my skin feel fabulous. Soft, clean, and fresh. I am loving it.

Taste: The best part about summer is the fruit. Living on strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and fresh peaches. Leah loves them all as well.

Also I have been eating BLT's like they are going out of style. Something about the summer tomatoes just make me drool!!!

Smell: I just loaded up on my favorite candles from Anthropologie...they smell so good, very feminine but not overpowering. A must for our home.

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  1. Want to know why we moved from our last house in only 2 years? The exact reason you listed above. Nobody cared about their houses or yards, left kids crap and construction stuff all over the place, and the yards left a LOT to the imagination. :/ I LOVE our new neighborhood so you should look up here in Windermere. ;) Then, we could walk to the pool and park together.