Thursday, July 12, 2012

Leah 9 Months

                                                                 Age: Nine Months
: 19lbs

Length: ?

Teeth:  Working on the uppers...lots of drool
Hair: OUT OF CONTROL...Still debating whether to get it cut or not...almost long enough to put behind her ears
Sleeping:  Inconsistency is our middle name. But overall it is getting better. Putting her down around 7:30, sleeping until4:30ish sometimes until 7. Only does this when we are home and she is in her bed.
Eating: Nursing 3-4 /day.  Has really come around to eating solids. Basically not eating any pureed food anymore besides her prunes and squeeze packets. Likes everything!
Movement: We are getting faster everyday. Pulling up to her knees.
Milestones: Crawling, eating "real people" food.
Favorite Toys: Loves putting things in a basket, taking out and repeat x 100. Books, stacking cups, leap frog table, remotes, cell phones
Dislikes: Having her diaper changed
Words/sounds: lots of jibber -jabber. says "dada" all day long. Screaming, working on waving.

This is clean laundry...emptying the basket!


  1. GoodNIGHT she looks just like you, Becca! Such a pretty baby!