Saturday, July 14, 2012

Current Wishes...

At a loss for anything to blog about, life is pretty boring around here. In my Internet browsing I put together a current wish list...whatever gets me through this lack of motivation...


A nice long trip to a sandy beach....well anywhere. This family is need of a vacation. Mark's job limits this so much, BUT we do have a 4 day trip to Lake Michigan in August with my family. Hoping Mark gets the time off.

 Wishing I could feel this happy about needing to tweak my diet and increase my exercise. Is anyone this happy about? I know a few people, but I don't like them :)

This bag from Fossil...I would take one in every color. Wouldn't this look great packed for a weekend away? Swooning....

I wouldn't mind a shopping spree here. I don't want need Pottery Barn....this would be just fine...Planning on how to update this house and picking up a few extra shifts...unlimited funds here? yes please!

Alright thats all for now.... :)

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