Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Years of Wedded Bliss...

Mark and I celebrate 3 years today. It sure goes by fast. We celebrated on Sunday. We went to brunch, shopping, movie, and then dinner. It was nice to spend the entire day together without our little peanut. Those days have been few and far between. We really got to reconnect and both agreed we have put each other aside since Leah has been born. Marks job is crazy, I am thinking of Leah 24/7 and our relationship has taken a back seat. I think this is somewhat common, but I miss him. We brainstormed a few ways we can work on this. In the end our marriage is built on love and honesty and that is a pretty good foundation to help us "survive" the times when life can be overwhelming. I love looking at our wedding pictures and how happy we are. Here is to another great year!

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