Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chugging Along...

We survied out first day with Leah at the new babysitter's. We sent her to our "backup" and she did great, slept, ate, played etc. I on the other hand had this pit in my stomach the entire day and looked like a fool crying at work...BUT we survived...and I don't have to do it again for another week.

In other news, the semester is coming to end...It is funny how at the beginning of the semester I am scared and not confident in myself and by the end of the semester  I'm like " I rocked this out" I feel that way about my pathophysiology class. My final research class has not allowed me to say that yet...We have been working on a paper all semester and our professor just made a few HUGE changes yesterday...Did i mention the paper is due next week. So we are basically back to the drawing board and scrambling to get things done. The worse part is, is that I feel like if we went and met with her again today she would change her mind about what she wanted us to do again... make up your mind lady! (Insert frustration scream here) I know it will end up just fine, but this next week will be busy. But I always say I like busy right?!?!

Then I get one week off and start right into summer classes, which are already making me nervous...

My weight loss goals have kind of stalled/changed...I lost 5lbs...but my milk supply completely plummeted so I had to go back to increasing my food intake...I have talked to some fellow breastfeeders and they told me similar issues happened to them and I need to accept baggy pants for as long as I nurse....OH joy! So I am just upping the exercise and trying to be realistic about the number on the scale even though it remains extremely frustrating that my clothes do not fit/look "good". Another sacrifice of breastfeeding I guess...Just have to stay positive and keep at it slowly.

Mark is off to a Bachelor party this weekend...I wish I was ready to leave Leah time...

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