Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So Leah's babysitter, our good family friend is relocating due to her hubby getting a new job. We are very excited for our friends but selfishly I don't want them to leave. I knew it wasn't a permanent solution when she was born, but this new development has made me want to quit my job, school and hibernate at home with my baby. BUT that is not an option for many reasons, mainly the fact that I LOVE being in school. I love the opportunity it will present I am chugging along. Interviewing babysitters is not fun, it makes me feel old and way overprotective. I know people do it all the time, but I'm just supposed to leave MY CHILD with a stranger and hope for the best? My sister in law Heather said it best " I guess you just have to trust your judgement" I met one great lady who I am considering, but I wanted her baseboards to be cleaner (high expectations for someone when mine arrant even clean) and I am meeting with another girl tomorrow, she sounded fabulous on the phone and willing to be very flexible with us, as she is nursing student. I have a list of great questions, calling their references, meeting them face to face...what else can I do, but pray we will find someone we trust. I knew it would happen eventually, but it is harder then I thought, just like everything else that comes along with motherhood. Any one else been through this? Any tips, suggestions, thoughts? Wish us luck!

Does this exist?


  1. I have really struggled with this. How much to pay? Who? When? Where? You really do have to trust your instincts. I sent Lily to Goddard because I wanted a well run day care that was clean and would nurture her. It worked great and they potty trained her by age two. But she would get colds all the time. People thought I was crazy to leave my six week old Max with my 17 year old home schooled neighbor girl, but it was a perfect move. But he was totally spoiled and never socialized with other kids. He is in preschool now and socializes fine. Mr Q is home with my mother inlaw because she has retired now. That is IDEAL, but Q still gets runny noses from his school bound siblings. No perfect answer. I'll be curious what you come up with.

  2. Been there!!! We have had one amazing sitter and one that was less than amazing that we ended up letting go. I will say - in both cases, my gut reaction (as in the split second I met them) was right. I didn't listen to my gut as strongly as I should have with #2, there wasn't anything I pintpointed that I didn't love, but then it didn't work out due to a trust issue. So my advice is go with your GUT GUT GUT> If you aren't sure about someone, even if you don't know why, then listen to that hesitation.

  3. I have also been struggling with this. I love our sitter and so does Cam, but sometimes I go over there and there are big-kid toys (aka small, tiny, swallow-able objects) lying around. Also there is an outlet cover that isn't on and that SO BOTHERS ME! I laughed when you talked about the baseboards, but that is TOTALLY me! Good luck!