Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Recipes

Since I have been breastfeeding all I have been doing is eating! I am always hungry and rarely satisfied! I am giving myself another week of shoving my face then it's back to the grind of eating a bit more healthy! Here are a few recipes I tried this week!

Chicken Tortilla Soup This was easy and delicious! We topped ours with a little sour cream and cheese...mmm!

This was easy and yummy. Not for the health conscious!

This was easy for a weeknight. It wasn't the best thing we have ever had, but it was alright. We tried to brainstorm how it could be better. I used ranch instead of blue cheese dressing. I would def use panko breadcrumbs as topping and I had to turn my broiler on to brown them. It had a slight kick to it because of the hot sauce, but not too spicy!

I have more recipes to try and I hope to get to a bunch of them while on maternity leave!

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