Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leah- One Month

Age: One Month
: 8lbs 9oz.
Length: 21 in
Size: Mainly newborn, starting to get tight
Teeth: N/A
Hair: Still rocking all of her hair from birth. I don't feel like she has lost any! It gets very greasy and needs to be washed a lot.
Sleeping: Pretty much still hit or miss. Will sleep 3 hours usually during the day, occasional 4 hour stretch. Our longest night stretch has been 5 hours...only once :(

Eating: Still nursing well...she is a little oinker. Eats every 3 hours as well.
Movement: She is an active little thing! Always moving arms and legs, doesn't like to be sitting still. Head is getting stronger every day.
Milestones: First smile!!!

Favorite Toys: Likes this bear play mat we were given. It is super soft, she loves laying on it and looking at the ceiling fan.
Dislikes: Anything involved with her car seat, bouncy, swing, not being held
Words/sounds: She snorts...we think she sounds like a little goat!



  1. I'm going to have to start turning the music to your blog off while I read it, because I can't read your blog anymore without crying! Love Bailey in the background! How's she doing with everything?

  2. Hey- It's Peg.
    I've been blog stalking. Leah is a doll. Congrats to you and Daddy Franks and hope the adjustment is swift and *virtually* painless.
    Being a nurse probably doesn't help. I think we may know too much...