Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I am LOVING right now...

 This is my newest hair product must-have...don't know what I have been doing without it. I have received quite a bit of compliments on my hair since using this product. It is a thermal spray I use before makes my hair so silky and SHINY...and it smells good. Def worth the 15 bucks if you as me!
The secret to the "Bump It" hairstyle I have become known for at work:) Powder hairspray...I used to use a different brand, but finally found what my hair dresser uses. I have to order it on is awesome! I am spoiled with hair products, but worth it to me to spend my money on them!
Had my first week of fresh peaches= HEAVIN! Delicious, I think I am going to try them grilled next week, maybe with some ice cream...mmm...pregnant lady and food!
 Really digging this crib bedding...I love polka dots and think this is the route I am going to go. I think I will substitute the blue for yellow...yellow and green such baby colors and I love them. Classic, but fun. This is it people!

People think I am nuts for not finding out what we are having... (except you rock!!) But I like the gender neutral clothes. Don't get me wrong the boy/girl stuff is adorable, I am not crazy. But I just love the baby look of these clothes. All I can picture is a freshly bathed newborn, smelling like baby lotion, cuddled up in pajamas and it makes my heart melt....I can't wait for the first night I have that...
Excited for my first smore of the better be ASAP which means we need a fire pit night!
I LOVE these 2 creatures in me life. Mark is wonderful...we are hanging out tonight and we can't stop laughing with each other. It feels good...He makes me laugh and I  LOVE that. All he wants is for me to be happy...and I am! Mark holds Bailey like this all the time...this is nothing new to my household.  Let's just hope he can fit a baby in there as well!!

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