Monday, June 20, 2011

The Men In My Life...A Day Late

So I desperately tried to get something posted on Father's Day, but it just didn't happen. Between traveling and research group project work I didn't get home until 10:00 last night. So I thought better late then never...So Happy Father's Day to the men in my life...a small tribute to you all!

My Dad (Daddy, Paul, Pauldo, Dziadziu (Jajew: Polish for Grandpa): Everyone knows the love I have for my dad, it has grown mountains ever since I have gotten married, which is a complex I can not explain. He is the most sound, genuine, honest, faithful, loyal, respectful, loving man I have ever known or met. He never says anything negative about anyone or anything, sees the positive, minds his own business, and is completely dedicated to his family. Watching him as a grandpa to my nieces and nephews, makes me think of how we was with us kids growing up. I can't wait to see him hold my baby...I love this man!

My Father in law Larry aka the duke, pop, Mr Franks the Tank-  is everything I could ask for from a father in law. He is wonderful, generous kinda heart, loves to talk and share stories, and giving. Always has a smile and a big hug waiting for me.

My Brother Tim : One of my most favorite people in the world...Always makes me smile, always makes me feel welcome and important .  He is dedicated to making family a priority at all times and I love that about him. He loves movies, beer, watching Star Wars with the boys and any kind of game.  Great dad to Alex and Evan.

My Brother Matt:  It's hard to describe Matt in a few words....ornery, loving, jokester, giving, hard worker, big just name a few. The most like me in our family, the one I related to the best growing up, the one who pushed me the hardest, expected the most, but gave me the most. I know I could call him and he would do whatever I needed him to do. His two daughters Lilly and Diana, adore him, he is the one on the ground playing with them, throwing them around and then offering the biggest hugs. He is just Matt.

My Brother in Law Dave: Always has a smile on his face, positive outlook, and loves funny/stupid jokes. His daughter is the spitting image of him and you can tell he LOVES Lila with everything.

Last but not least My hubby Mark: My rock, the only reason I have stayed sane through this pregnancy. Not officially a dad yet, but turning into one slowly but surely. The biggest heart I know, will be filled with so much love for our baby. I can't wait to know him as the Father of my baby.

Happy Father's Day to the men I LOVE the most!!!

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