Monday, November 8, 2010

A Fun Weekend...

I had a nice long weekend which was much needed after an emotional week at work that hit me out of no where. A long time family friend of ours got married in Cleveland Ohio. I had the joy of making the trip with Matt, Lauren, Lilly and Diana. Have I mentioned how sweet they are? Well if not...they are the SWEETEST girls I know!  Friday night I got to spend some time with a dear friend Jess, who is just an amazing woman all around. She is a full time lawyer, about to make partner and mother of 3 beautiful kids. Sometimes I wonder how she does it, she is like another "sister" to me and always gives such sound advice. It was great seeing her!

The wedding was lot of fun. I got to spend some quality time with my sister Mary Beth, felt like I haven't seen her in forever. I felt good to catch up, laugh and reconnect with her. There is nothing more comforting then sharing a bed with her just like I used to when we were little...she just relaxes me, crazy I know! Here is a picture of Mary Beth, Lauren and I courtesy of Lauren.

Our friend who got married is a HUGE Ohio state a surprise his parents hired some of the Ohio State Band members to come play at the wedding. Everyone was going CRAZY! I felt right at home! They played about 4 songs and it was AWESOME! Lauren was able to capture some video so enjoy! My mom is a real character

On Sunday, we were able to go visit my Grammy Bajorek. She is a nursing home with Alzheimer's. It is never fun to their, quite depressing, but of course we all want to see her. She looked pretty good, She always recognizes my dad, but I like to think she recognized us because she smiled and started crying. She can't really talk and goes in and out. It is heartbreaking to see the once animated and lively woman, with this debilitating disease. I would like to think we brought some joy to her. She loved meeting Lilly and Diana and they brought a lot of happiness....

This woman, Philomena, my Grammy is an amazing woman. We all hate seeing her like this and can only hope she felt some love on Sunday. I love you Grammy!

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