Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do you ever feel....

like your house is so disgustingly filthy you don't know what to do?! I was talking about this with a friend who was expressing your unsettled feelings about her house and the new invasion of baby stuff and how she hates the clutter....I came home to my house and felt the exact same way. I have barely been home the past 2 weeks on my days off, and the days I work FORGET it...nothing gets done! So today, I woke up and was on a mission....I put 30 minute increments on the timer and set to work and I scrubbed and scrubbed, and dusted, and washed, and scrubbed and vacuumed..ok you get the point...I went nuts...and now the disgusting feelings have lessened, but it also brought to my attention the fact that I have been neglecting my house and my organization. I know all the moms out there are probably laughing at me because I don't have kids and I'm sure it only gets worse, but I need to get some stuff done around here!!!   Time to kick it into gear!

Also, with the start of talk about the Holidays I officially have started feeling like the Grinch....because I work Thanksgiving, the day after, Dec 23 and about BLAAAHHH! I told myself I was going to boycott the Holidays and not go crazy like I have in previous years...BUT today my family decided to come here for Thanksgiving, which makes me extremely happy. I will still be at work but at least I will be able to see my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews...pretty sweet! So now it is off to work on planning the Thanksgiving dinner, who will be responsible for what and getting my house ready for visitors....Tis the season...

Do you ever feel like your house is filthy? How do cope?
What are you doing to plan for the holidays... Here are a few things I have come across for Holiday Planning

Organizing your way is a great resource with ideas, free printables and ways to get organized! She talks about preparing your home, meal planning, Christmas Card list, and everything else you can think of. We made our gift list last night and jotted down some ideas for each person, I already feel ahead. Check it out

Really wish I could have a Thanksgiving Tablesacpe like this....AHHHH Maybe one day!

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