Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CD's=Cassette's= Records?????

Ok so does it make me sound old that I still like to buy CD's...I like them better then downloading from ITUNES or using an MP3 if only if I could find my discman from High school I would be set...I love listening to CD's in may car...I love to jam out and pretend I am in concert. So I don't care if that makes me sound older or not as hip..It makes me happy... My latest purchase...

The new Sugarland this duo. This lady's voice is amazing and not your typical country. They are fun and unique and their music lyrics actually have some purpose. I feel like even if you don't like country you can still like and appreciate this woman's voice. This has been in my CD player the last 2 weeks...I know all the words...yes I know I'm is AMAZING!
Check out one of their new songs...


  1. I still love CD's too! Just got the new KT Tunstall - she is of course awesome.

  2. i love this CD too. So do my kids! They say lets listen to Stuck like glue, Mom. I make everyone sing:)