Friday, July 9, 2010

Eclipse Movie...

So I went to see the movie last night...FINALLY! I went with some girls I work with and we had a blast! As for the movie....AAAAHHHHMAAAAZZZZING! It was sooo good! I have been so exctied about this and worried that I got my hopes up to high for delivered! It was better then I thought. It is so addicting and draws you in. The acting was awesome. I actually liked Bella in this one. The dynamics between Edward and Jacob were right on with the book. I am still 100% totally Team friends were wavering because Jacob has his shirt off the entire movie! I do like Jacob, but Edward is where it is at! OK enough rambling because I could go on for days...GO SEE IT! I am....again. FYI...the Trader's Point AMC theater has $5 movies Mon- Thurs...I think I can go every day for that price!!!

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  1. Ok - so I have put lots of thought into this. I am team Jacob as my own person pet, but I strongly think that Bella and Edward are perfect for each other. Who better for a werewolf (sp?) than a cougar?