Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Dining Room is On My Mind

Our Dining room has been popping up in my long list of " to-do's" I still feel like we have for our house. I think I want to paint it in by the end of the summer. At first I was thinking I wanted a dark chocolate brown and although I have not ruled it out, I found this picture and I am LOVING it. It is a taupey- grayish color. We already have the crown molding and mark promises adding the additional pieces on the bottom half will be easy...

Here is our Dining Room currently...

Here is my inspiration...What do you think???

courtesy of Decor Pad


  1. I love the pic of the taupey-gray color. I tend to like anything with GREY in it! :)

  2. Grey - HAHAHAHA!
    Seriously - I love it. You already got the hard part (the flooring)

  3. totally perfect, bec. i love it!