Monday, June 7, 2010

Lilly and Diana's Baptism

It was Lilly and Diana's Baptism this past Saturday. My parents came over on Friday and Tim, Shonda and the boys were here Saturday. It was a crazy busy weekend, but also a very fun and special weekend. When everyone left on Sunday, I just looked at Mark and said " I am truly happy when I am with my family" And it is so true, some of my happiest times are when we are all together. I did miss my sister and I know it's hard for her to be away from everyone...I can't imagine!

As for the baptism, Lilly and Diana did great. They didn't cry at all during church and were such troopers being passed around all night (of course, I had nothing to do with that!) It was such a memory making day and I'm glad I got to be apart of it. The girls baptism gowns were made by Lauren's aunt and they included pieces from Lauren's mom's wedding dress... As she said " They were wrapped in Grandma's Love" It was an emotional day and I know I kept thinking about Lauren's parents so I can't imagine how her family felt. My dad kept reminding me that they were definitely there and looking down on us. are a few highlights!

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