Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Review

I read the book "Traveling with Pomegranates" as a suggestion plea from my mother. I was home for a brief visit and she had marked some of the pages in the book and read them to me...I decided to go for it. I am so happy I did...this is a great book to read with your mom. It talks about the relationship between a mother and daughter and their own personal journey. Maybe it fit so well with us because we are right around the same ages and going through some of the same things...a great read!!!

Traveling with Pomegranates:

A Mother-Daughter Story

In this wise and intimate dual memoir, Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter, Ann Kidd Taylor, chronicle their travels together, and offer their distinct perspectives as a fifty-something and a twenty-something, each on a quest to redefine herself, and rediscover each other.

Between 1998 and 2000, Sue and Ann travel together to sacred sites throughout Greece and France. Sue, newly aware of aging, caught in a creative vacuum, longing to reconnect with her now grown daughter, struggles to find the wherewithal to enlarge a vision of swarming bees into a novel. Ann, just graduated from college, heartbroken and benumbed by the classic question about what to do with her life, grapples with a painful depression. The intimacy of travel and the wondrous nature of the places Sue and Ann visit bring forth each woman’s internal struggle and provide fertile terrain for reflection and inspiration. In voices candid and lyrical, this modern-day Demeter and Persephone explore the richly symbolic and personal meaning of an array of inspiring figures and sacred sites in Athens and Eleusis, Paris and Rocamador, and places in between. They also give voice to a moving transformation of that most protean of human connections: the bond of mothers and daughters.

A poignant and compelling book about feminine thresholds, spiritual growth, and the relationship between mothers and daughters, Traveling with Pomegranates is both a revealing self-portrait by a beloved author and her daughter, a strong new voice, and a momentous story that will resonate with women everywhere.

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