Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blake 2 Months


Age: Two Months

Weight: 11lbs 7oz

Length: 24.75 in

Teeth: none J

Hair Still pretty blonde and fuzzy. Will get greasy if I play with it a lot

Sleeping: We are still doing good at night. About 10:30-3:30-4ish and then back to sleep until 6am and then back to sleep until 9am. He doesn't sleep much during the day unless he is being held, which doesn't happen all the time with the other monster running around.  He has become increasingly fussy and needing to be held all the time during the day. He is also extremely gassy and refluxing. We are having some pooping issues as well. We are trying a new plan with the pediatrician (more to come) and hoping we can get him a bit happier then he has been. Hopefully I did not jinx myself by bragging about what an easy baby he was month 1.

Eating: Still nursing great. Take a bottle like champ while I'm away. I have eliminated  dairy from diet to see if that will help his fussiness.

Movement: Holding head up very well. Has rolled over from belly to back. Kicking legs, sucking on fingers.

Milestones: Smiling all the time, rolling over

Favorite Toys: Leah J Is liking bouncy seat and play gym mat

Words/sounds: Cooing and starting to talk a lot!

Leah feeding Blake a french fry








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