Monday, February 4, 2013

7 Weeks and Alive...Barely

Ok I knew I would be entering in to a more chaotic life then I could imagine by adding another child...But there really is nothing to prepare to you for 2 kids. I'd like to think the transition from 1-2 will be harder then 2-3, but I cant even let myself go there right now! Here is a rundown of the things that have happened over the past 7 weeks. *Disclaimer* I swear I watch my kids and if you feel you need to report me to CPS go ahead...

- Blake fell out of bouncy seat...from the counter to the floor....I look over and he is face first on my hardwood floors, bouncy seat on top of him. Yes, the bouncy seat was on the counter, only to protect him from getting a concussion from Leah who beats the crap out of him. I don't know how it happened, I wasn't standing by him. Of course we rush to pediatricians office...Everything turned out fine. Blake cried a few minutes and then back to his normal self. I was in sheer panic, hysterical to say the least. I cant get that image out of my brain. AH!
-Good thing Blake is tough as Leah has been beating him up. Scratches, hits, kicks in the nose, eyeball poking, paci stealing..You name, she does it. I'd like to think she thinks she is being gentle, but who knows.
- Leah ate paint...I'm talking dipped fingers in paint and sucked it down. Ill blame this one on Mark, he was watching her in the garage and then I hear screaming. I come downstairs to find him sucking water up with a bulb syringe and trying to rinse her mouth...called poison control. They laughed and told us to watch her... She is fine.
- Leah ate dog food until she puked...can't keep her away from the bowls.
- Leah slammed fingers in pantry
- I had a root canal...that got infected...I was a druggie for a couple days, but all is well.
- I feel like Leah is enetering the terrible 2's already. She is becoming increasingly more dramatic, stubborn, determined (all my poor qualities). She is not listening, crumbling to the floor, screaming, wanting to do everything herself. I don't how to handle it...she laughs in my face when I discipline her...literally laughs. Time to start reading up on some parenting tips.

So there you have it...I wont be winning any awards any time soon for MOTY (mom of the year). As Mark put it, " we will be lucky if these kids make it through the year alive" I really do hope so. I'm trying to slow down a bit more and have a bit more patience with crying, whining kids.


  1. You're my hero. When I add that second kid to the mix, I know you'll have lots of fun advice for me. :)

  2. HI Becca! It was fun reading your post. I also have some experiences similar to yours because of my 2 little boys. Sometimes I can't even handle them both anymore because they won't even listen to me. worst part, when they play, there is really chaos in the house. Good thing they are slowing things down a bit, for now.

  3. Ha, you forgot Leah's black eye from falling off the couch ;) If it makes you feel any better, Holden had a 30 minute tantrum/cry fest because I put away the hair dryer when he wanted to play with it...I feel ya! I thought this wasn't going to happen quite so soon...but you're doing great! You made it to the library last week, and sounds like you get out a lot! Better than me at that stage!! Let me know any time you want to come over or have us over for extra chaos. :)

  4. Oh, Becca! Oh I love you and your honesty! You crack me up! Trust me we've all been there in some fashion, promise. Hang in there!