Sunday, June 10, 2012

Im going to get into trouble face!

Age: Eight Months
: 18lbs. 6 oz
Length: ?

Teeth: Bottom 2 teeth are in full force. no signs of the uppers yet!
Hair: OUT OF CONTROL...slightly better then last month as it is getting longer and ok to style. I think it needs cut, but Im too scared!
Sleeping: My enemy....we were good for a few weeks, but back to waking up, screaming bloody murder, so inconsistent. EHHHH :/
Eating: Still nursing about 4/day. Loves to eat her solids. Still struggling a bit with "chunky" foods. Mainly on purees. Loves puffs and cheerios!
Movement: So close to crawling...getting up on all fours, rocking, sliding around on hardwoods and as started rolling all over room and getting stuck under chairs.
Milestones: Saying "mama" " nana" clicking tongue. Clapping, waving (not the greatest wave, but a wave!)
Favorite Toys: Books, stacking cups, leap frog table, remotes, cell phones
Dislikes: green beans, peas, being put down by mommy, SLEEPING
Words/sounds: lots of jibber -jabber. says "dada" all day long....

Hard to sit still

Getting ready to crawl

Posing for the camera

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