Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Ok so I might have been a little over ambitious for what I wanted to accomplish this is so unpredictable know with a baby...especially a baby who decides some days she wants to cry A LOT or be held ALL THE TIME! That mean Sunday was pretty much chalked up to baby holding, I know terrible life right?! But we survived.

I took Leah to the Ball State Women's B-Ball game Friday night. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot to manage by myself especially for a baby who HATES the car (seriously who hates the car?) When we got to Muncie she had spit up everywhere and blew out a diaper...awesome! But she was an angel during the game, loved looking at all the bright lights and barely made a peep! Of course on the way she cried the whole time and was miserable. I was glad I took her, but I was very anxious about having her out and getting places in time to avoid meltdowns. It was great seeing old teammates, old coaches and old fans. The good old people of Muncie never forget who you are and make you feel very special!

I did manage to make it to the breastfeeding group Friday morning, but sadly I did not have time to prep my cinnamon rolls, maybe this weekend.

Saturday we visited with our friends Scott, Jess, Belle, Trey and Sloan. We go way back with these fabulous people and they had not met Leah yet. I babysat Belle when she was 3 months old for a whole summer. Trey is my Godson and Sloan LOVED baby Leah. All of them hold such a special place in my heart....really no words! I got nothing else done Saturday... whoops!

Sunday I got a little  bit of homework started, but that is about it. Leah needed to be held and nursed ALL day....sooo I need to focus on my homework and getting re organized's to hoping!

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