Saturday, November 5, 2011

Operation Clean House

Confession: My house is a disaster. I know I know, I have a newborn who cares if the house is messy, BUT I am officially grossed out, don't want to walk around barefoot, and can see the dog hair piling up. There is clutter everywhere, papers, random baby things, stinky fridge, laundry backup and the list goes on and on. The past week has been busy sitting and nursing my growing baby. I think Leah had her first major growth spurt...I was nursing every hour to two...with an occasionally 4 hour stretch in there, BUT she seemed extra clingy as I could not put her down to nap. So I was prisoner to my extra large puffy recliner (smartest purchase yet!) and my 7 week old baby. I was getting frustrated because I just wanted to get up and be able to do what " I needed to do" but had to gently remind myself what I REALLY needed to do was be with my baby and give her what SHE needed. She slept 5 hours last night, so hopefully we are getting back on track. So onto my house...between nursing and nap times I have a whole long list of what I would like to get done this weekend...

- The kitchen needs a major scrub down, refrigerator needs cleaned out
- The floors need swept, mopped x 5 (my love hate relationship)
- Upstairs needs vacuumed
- The clutter especially the mail/papers/bills/cards needs sorted through
- A few loads of laundry

I'm trying to keep the list short as I need to be realistic with my time, as this could all be down the toilet if Leah decides she needs to be held all weekend.

So today I am thankful I have beautiful home to clean :)

Off to work...


  1. Just cut yourself some slack. Cleaning takes three times as long with milking breaks.