Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Still Alive....

I had dinner with 2 of my sister in laws last night and they were giving my grief about my lack of blogging lately. I have to admit I have been a total slacker this past month. I don't feel like I have much to share, maybe about the hatred for my stats class, the fact I have not been cooking and eating cereal for dinner almost every night, or the fact I have had no creative stirrings these past few months. My house is blah no fun decorations...I have just been in maintain mode. I don't think that is bad, it is just boring! Maybe it has to do with the dragging weather, the snow, rain and a few  nice days that were a HUGE tease! I'm starting to feel spring in the air, it is staying lighter a bit longer and I can hear the birds chirping in the morning. I am hoping once the weather gets nicer my creative stirrings will return!  The month of March is one of my favorite months because it marks the beginning of spring or maybe it is because my birthday is this month (details details!) I also love St. Patrick's Day...even thought I am not Irish, I always had a great time celebrating in college. ( I will not be sharing pictures of those days!) I am hoping to be getting a little groove back in my step and serioulsy praying for some warmer weather to help inspire my blogging!


  1. Can't wait!! Bring it on. Maybe just one or two college pictures to use as future blackmail?

  2. PS- I had to check in with the twins. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner picture. Amazing.

  3. Welcome back, Becca Ann. Ha! And I love the picture of St. Bailey!