Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating the Tree

We got our tree this weekend and I LOVE it. Our house smells so good! I decorated the tree this afternoon. Turned up the Christmas tunes and went to town! The best part about decorating the tree is that last year my mom gave me own box of ornaments...let me explain... Every year since us kids have been born, my mom has given us an ornament with our name and the year written on it. Each year we would decorate the tree together and get our new ornament. Last year, my first year with my own house, my mom gave me box of ornaments. So today, I went through all the ornaments, remembering the years I could and looking at my favorites. They made me feel nostalgic for the past, but reminding me of good times. This is a tradition I look forward carrying on with my own kids.

My very first ornament 1985...
We loved this one! It had a glass of milk on it but it has since broken off!
Obviously I was in "Brownies" this year!

We got this one last year for our first Christmas as a married couple!

Mark's Dad got us the collectors edition of Ball State ornaments

Here is our tree, I have no idea why it is blurry...

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