Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Music

I have really been enjoying Christmas music this season. It is basically all I listen after Thanksgiving, it never gets old to me and I never get sick of it. In the mornings on the way to work or at home by myself all day I LOVE it. We always had Christmas classics playing in our house growing up such as Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, and Frank Sinatra...I would wake up on Saturday mornings to these carols playing throughout our house.

This year I feel like I can't get enough Christmas music....It is really the only thing that has helped my Christmas spirit...It has helped quiet my crazy whirlwind thoughts and offered me an overwhelming feeling of peace. The 3 most played CD's in my house this year have been

1. Josh Groban Noel...My mom bought me this...when I listen to it it makes me feel close to her

2.  Sugarland...of course!

3. My Favorite this year is Jackie Evancho...She is a 9 year old that was on America's Got Talent....Her voice is what I think the Angels in Heaven must sound like....amazing! Check it out!

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