Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can We Catch A Break....

I seriously do not know where the month of August went. I can't believe it's almost over. The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. A week of vacation must have meant that life was going to hit hard when we got back. We woke up Sunday morning of getting home from vacation to Leah with a fever. Long story short, she had a very high fever for 48 hours before going to the pediatrician and figuring out she had a urinary tract infection. I will spare you the the horror of trying to get a urine sample on a baby, but I will say this momma bear went into nurse mode, took matters into her own hands and got the job done! She was sick the entire week and started feeling like herself again last Friday. Oh did I forget to mention that Mark was gone ALL week in Chicago for his new job training?!?! Dealing with a sick kid by yourself SUCKS!

We had planned a tripped to Chicago in the beginning of the summer to visit our friends and celebrate Mark's 30th. So Friday, after debating whether to go or not, my mom kicked me out the door to Chi-town. Mark and I had a great weekend together and I managed to not miss Leah as much as I thought I would! Sunday when I got home, Leah was attached to my hip, couldn't put her down or the bloody screams began. Not sure if she thought I would leave again or what. I woke up Monday morning and within 45 minutes  I had such severe back pain, I could barely walk and I could not pick up Leah. Holy Crap! With the help of my moms group I managed to get to a chiropractor and get some minor relief. I sucked up going to work Tuesday, taking a super easy assignment and not walking all day! I have so much to get done, piles of laundry, unpacking from trips, birthday parties looming over my head and all I can do is sit, ice my back and make feeble attempts to pick up my daughter. Oh did I mention Mark was in Chicago AGAIN...ALL WEEK for more training. Try not being able to pick up your daughter when you are the only one around. I want to cry, but time to put my big girl panties on and get over it. I need to do what I can and quit feeling sorry for myself...okay...maybe another 5 mins of self loathing! Here is to hoping the week ends better then it started!

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