Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Fun!

Here are a few random pictures from the past few weeks. All our decorations are up, we went and got our Christmas tree and it looks fantastic, I think anyways! We had my Holiday work party, where we dress up and have dinner and dancing! Mark attempted to put some Christmas lights up...we will just leave it at that! And of course the doggy who adds so much joy to our life. Mark got her some new toys and she loves em!
Also, my mom informed me that she will not be doing any baking this year, it is up to us girls. So I have started early, baking cookies and freezing them. I have made sugar cookies, pecan snowballs and gingerbread snowflakes and stars. I have a few more things to make as has been a lot of fun

We are also keeping up my family's Advent tradition. In the middle of our advent wreath we have names that we draw everyday and pray for certain individuals. We have been praying for lots of our families and friends...I hope you are having fun with the Holiday season so far!

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