Monday, June 3, 2013

4 Months (catch up)

How did I get so lucky?
Weight: ?
Length: ?

Teeth: none...yet. But I swear he is teething. All is he does is gnaw on his fingers and is a drooling machine.

Hair: Blonde, fuzzy, sometimes reddish tint. Starting to lose it in the back.

Sleeping:  Worked on some behavior modification this month, aka crying it out. Getting better at going down for naps, still not doing well at night. Getting up 3, 4,sometimes 5 x/night. I'm so sleepy (insert yawn here)
Eating:  Still nursing great
Movement:  Head control is great, likes bumbo, laying on mat. Kicking his feet a lot. Bringing things to his mouth.

Milestones:  Rolling from belly to back consistently, bringing toys midline. Was Baptized this month.

Favorite Toys: Still crazy about Leah. Likes bouncy seat, bumbo, his own hands, a his "sophie"

Words/sounds: Cooing, screaming, laughing.


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