Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leah- 7 Months

Age: Seven Months
: ?
Length: ?

Teeth: One finally popped through. It is on the bottom, she was sleeping terrible but ever since it popped through, she is sleeping through the night!
Hair: OUT OF CONTROL...bald spot filling in, in back, bu not growing like the front. As evidenced by the pictures unless I blow dry it, there is no hope for it!
Sleeping:  Getting better since tooth came through! Bed time 7:30, wakes up between 5 and 7am..NICE! 2 naps a day usually around 1.5-2 hrs!
Eating: Stills loves nursing as evidenced by the extreme chubbiness. Pretty much eating everything. Trying to start introducing more "chunky" foods, but doesn't know what to do with them. She eat them, but 20 mins later it is still in her mouth... Loves puffs and anything she can self feed.
Movement: Sitting up great, loves sitting in cart at the store and restaurant highchairs. Can stand holding table/toys etc.
Milestones: Saying "dada" First toenail paint
Favorite Toys: Loves the jumperoo! Books..loves books! Stacking cups, sippy cup
Dislikes:  being tired, when her food is gone, sometimes when Bailey barks.
Words/sounds: lots of jibber -jabber. says "dada" all day long....

Babysitter painter her toes!

Leah in the bath saying dada

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  1. Aww she's so cute and getting so big!!! We really need to see you guys again at a play date!! :)